Friday, May 23, 2014

End of the Road

We only have one more night to go and then I'm off back to the States. It is really sad to leave because I have enjoyed my time here very much. I may not have the chance to blog again until after we get back so I would like you all to know how great it has been here. I have met some amazing people such as Constable Watson, who works for New Scotland Yard and has shown us so many wonderful things around the city and taught us so much about how the police work around England. He has been such a joy and when I found out he was going to be gone in a little over a year. I realized how great it has been to have the chance to meet him and enjoy all the things he set up for us because in two years he may not be there.
Two more people I have had the amazing opportunity to meet have been Sarah and Maria from ISA. They have been amazing and teaching us so much about the history of London. Sarah is so enthusiastic about history and you can tell that she has a real passion for it. I love listening to her speak because she really makes it come alive when she talks about all of the things. I had the pleasure of listening to her guide us around Westminster Abby, Stonehenge, Roman Bath, Oxford, Statford, and Warwick Castle. She just knows so much and I love how much joy she brings to the history of this country. I really am going to miss her. It has also been great spending time with Maria. She is so cute and enjoys all of the events we go to almost more than we do. I love watching her as she gets to explore with us and make sure we are all where we need to be. I will miss her energy and enthusiasm for meeting us and taking us around the city.
This trip has been amazing and it has been great getting to know people as well getting to spend time with great friends like Cierra and Chloe. I have known Cierra for two years and she is my best friend and this has been such a great experience to enjoy with her. I have just met Chloe but it feels like I have known her forever. She has become like a sister to me and I plan on keeping her as a dear friend for a very long time if not forever. This trip has been such a learning experience and such an amazing journey. I might just cry when we leave because it really is like stepping into another world, so it is difficult to just leave and step back into my normal day to day life. Hopefully I will have an amazing last day tomorrow before heading out Sunday. So this is my last Cherrio from London.

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