Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Living It Up

Finally made it to London!!! It has been amazing here. We have been here for the past two days and I absolutely love it here. It has been a fascinating experience and I have seen so many wonderful and amazing things. I honestly know that it will be very difficult to leave at the end of our second week. I do not want to go home. One of the things I have noticed has been everyone's attitude about things. Everyone I have met has been very friendly and helpful, even when I spend a long time trying to count my money to give it to them. People here are so kind and sincere. The greatest thing is the way they treat each other.
London is very multicultural and you notice it straight away. There are so many different types of people and they all get along in their country. I almost wonder if here should be called the melting pot rather than America. The people here are so diverse and there are over 300 languages spoken here in London and yet there has been no racial prejudice that I have noticed. They accept each other and people are free to go around without fear of being judged based on their skin color. I think this is so amazing and liberating in a way. While in the U.S. it is so apparent, especially in the mid-west, the difference in attitude towards people of separate races, yet here everyone is so integrated and they form a community of people that are untied rather than separate.
We have explored many places and it is great to see people getting along so well with one another and forming this great country I have been able to visit. My roommates are amazing and my great friends who have been able to live this journey with me. It is great to explore with them and see what this city has to offer. As we go along I hope to observe even more about the interactions and culture of this city. I have one and a half weeks left here and cant wait for them. Until next time, Cherrio!

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