Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Part of Two Worlds

It is crazy being back in the United States. Two weeks is a long time to be abroad and it was an amazing experience. I loved every second and it has made being back here so different. When you are exposed to a different environment you tend to adapt to fit into it. So coming back I have had to adapt back to this environment. I have began thinking a lot larger than I used to. When you live in one place for so long it is easy to think that is the entire world because that is all you ever see. Going to London has broadened my horizon immensely by making me realize there is so much out there in the world. There are so many different types of people who are raised in different ways and believe in different things. I am so glad to have gotten to see at least one other part of these differences. Sometimes we get used to only focusing locally on the issues and problems we are facing in our town, or state, or country. We forget that there is a big world out there with their own problems and people. I can understand more why people think Americans are a bit arrogant. We have a large country and tend to only care about ourselves and think we are the best. I think this is because we are being told to care about places and people we have never met or seen and probably will never meet or see in our entire lives. Traveling abroad gives you the chance to actually get out and see those people. It lets you realize how large the world is and makes you want to care about those people. It is nice watching the news or reading the paper and reading about something happening at a place you have been before. You can recognize the issue more and put more heart into it because it is not just a faceless place on the other side of the world, it is a place that you visited for two weeks and a place where people you met and care about live and have to deal with. It feels like a dream being away and I really hope I return someday. I am definitely going to be much more aware of things going on around me and out in the world because they are not faceless anymore and I realize that it is good to care about people because they need someone to care about them and to know about them.

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